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Oficial Trailer


Oficial Trailer

Oficial Trailer


The trailer reveals a glimpse of Georgiana's psychological journey, travels, and reconnection with herself and others, while also showcasing her emotions, vulnerabilities and the idea of being stuck in movement.

JUSMOVE The Final Event
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Director's Note


We are all exhausted and suffering; or am I the only one feeling this way? And with the war at the doors of Europe, with many ever more impoverished by inflation, and lack of welfare rights, stability, and safety, many of us feel that we are not living fully, but barely coping. As soon as human movement is restored as a possibility, as flights and trains can be boarded again, Georgie begins her one year long travel across Europe, just as much as, within herself. Georgie is a philosopher and a scholar. She no longer wants to think only. She wants to break free from her heavily masculinized academic field, centered on rationalizing every thought and on assuming that this is the only way we access and gain knowledge about ourselves and the world. It is not sufficient; it seems rather obvious to her. Georgie’s psychological journey hungrily searching for healing, turning into a travel across Europe, begins with her attempt to solve a philosophical puzzle that afflicts her personal life – that of being stuck in movement herself. She looks for a safe home in the world for her body, her mind, and her heart – like a soul lost in space and time – she looks for a community that welcomes her for permanent settlement and embraces her healthily; but also, for a place within herself from which to begin cultivating anew, a sense of agency - one she has lost. It appears in her journey that quite very many lost their own equilibrium, which reflects on how unhealthy and unsustainable our way of life is, in the way it is today. How should this new place in the world look like for her or anybody, where should it be and in which terms one may feel belonging and healthily thriving? Do we really need to invent a new world for that? We may figure out in Academic_Puszi that indeed it might be the case. "Photography and filming a documentary comes with great responsibility. It's not just about telling the story, but also feeling the story".


Documentary Synopsys

From official script - all rights reserved.

Academic_Puszi is a documentary written and directed by Georgiana Turculet, known by her nickname, Georgie. As an awarded Marie S. Curie academic, Georgie undertakes a trip across Europe, from the East to the North, while nuclear war suddenly threatens to erupt into a new reality everywhere; refugees from Ukraine reach Europe and its surroundings as their homes are bombed by Russia; just after the hard Coronavirus Pandemic eased out with the opening of national borders - that is, just after two long years in which the entire world population got confined to their homes, neighborhoods, cities, regions or states – intermittently and disruptively of all human activities. This documentary is a personal journey of healing, portraying Georgie uniting with others, friends, colleagues, and unknown welcoming circles of people, while revisiting the places from her recent past. The central idea Georgie wishes to reflect upon, as a philosopher on her journey, is that of being stuck in movement, unveiling, in so doing, the precarity behind the otherwise prestigious outlook of her and most academic profiles and careers. The documentary reconstructs, through a poetic and reflexive style and rhythm, Georgie’s story that intertwines with interviewees’ personal and professional stories - all mounting jointly a criticism of the societal and academic culture and structure, within which we all live.

Questions on human migrations and restrictions in crossing borders have predominated during the past 30 years in public, political and academic debates. These issues have become even more significant due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on cross-border as well as on any type of human movement, but they lack jointly scientific, ethical and philosophical research. To fill that gap, the EU-funded JUSMOVE project will establish a pioneering philosophical Theory of Just Movement. It will provide an academic debate with a new theory, methodology, strict ethics and philosophy combined with advances from Big Data. This project aims at overcoming the dichotomy of "open" versus "closed" borders - present in political and social discussions - while grounding it in a conceptual framework informing not least a positive turn in policymaking. The purpose of the communication is to bring visibility to the scientific and research work done by Georgiana Turculet and collaborators as to promote academic freedom and a holistic approach to research, together with raising awareness on the subject of being stuck in movement.


Our First-Timers.

Being nervous about every step we take is only normal when a team of first-timers is trying to prove themselves on an international stage. This section is about the team. The first-timers.

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First Time Director

Silvia Fierăscu.jpg


First Time Producer



First Time Director of Photography



First Time Docu Editor



First Time Creative Producer



First Time Docu PR 

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First Time Assistant Producer & Digital Media Responsible



First Time Docu Music Composer

Contact us

Contact us

Academic_Puszi accepts invitations in classrooms, film festivals, events, conferences, and private/club screening events from 2023.

Please specify the Date of your Event, Title, Description, Location, Funding Party and Type of Organization.  Specify whether you wish to obtain permission to screen our Documentary and invite the Director for Q&A Session in person/online. We will consider both, optionally, online or in person presence.  For in-person invitations with the Director, please book as long as possible in advance. To secure screening of this documentary, we recommend filing your request as long in advance as possible.

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